What Kind of Plants Are in the Savanna

What Kind Of Plants Are In The Savanna What kind of plants live in the African savanna? The African Savanna is a thornbush savanna, which has many different kinds of plants such as acacia Senegal, candelabra tree, jackalberry tree, umbrella thorn acacia, whistling thorn, Bermuda grass, baobabs, and elephant grass. The Serengeti Plains are a […]

What Is a Rainforest Food Chain 2

What Is A Rainforest Food Chain 2 The rainforest food chain includes levels like the primary and secondary consumers, such as monkeys, ocelots and birds of prey, as well as the apex predators atop the chain, such as the jaguars, crocodiles and green anacondas. What is a rainforest food chain? A tropical rainforest food chain […]

What Colors Do Owls Come In

What Colors Do Owls Come In What are the colors of a owl? Owls vary in colour from white through many shades of tan, gray, brown, or rufous (reddish) to deep brown. A few are solidly coloured, but most are cryptically patterned with streaks, bars, or spots, often resulting in the bird’s being almost invisible […]