What Plants Eat Flies

What Plants Eat Flies What plant eats the most flies? 1. Venus fly trap. Perhaps the most famous of all carnivorous plants, the iconic Venus fly trap uses sweet-smelling sap to lure unsuspecting insects into its mouth. Which plants eat insects survive? Some plants aren’t eaten by bugs—they eat the bugs themselves! Nearly 700 species […]

What Plants Are in the Tundra Biome

What Plants Are In The Tundra Biome What are 5 plants in the tundra biome? Tundra means treeless, therefore most of the plants in the tundra are low growing plants. Arctic Moss, Arctic Willow, Caribou Moss, Labrador Tea, Arctic Poppy, Cotton Grass, Lichens and Moss. What is the main plant in the tundra? Arctic Willow […]

What Kingdom Is Seaweed In

What Kingdom Is Seaweed In Is seaweed in the kingdom Protista? Seaweed and kelp are examples of multicellular, plant-like protists. Is seaweed in the Plantae kingdom? Seaweeds are often confused with other photosynthetic organisms. Seaweeds are popularly described as plants, but biologists typically do not consider them true Plantae. What kingdom is kelp and seaweed […]

What Is Root Wedging

What Is Root Wedging Process by which fractures in rocks are enlarged by the growth of plant roots. What is root wedging an example of? The effects of plants are significant in mechanical weathering. Roots can force their way into even the tiniest cracks. They exert tremendous pressure on the rocks as they grow, widening […]

What Is a True Form Fossil

What Is A True Form Fossil What are three ways true fossils form? Types of Fossils & How They Are Formed Mold or Impression. A mold or impression fossil is formed when the plant or animal decays completely but leaves behind an impression of itself, like a hollow mold. … Cast. … Imprint. … Permineneralization. […]

What Is a Byproduct

What Is A Byproduct What is a byproduct example? Examples of byproducts are manure from a feedlot operation, sawdust at a sawmill, salt from a desalination plant, and straw from a grain harvesting operation. What is a byproduct simple definition? Definition of by-product 1 : something produced in a usually industrial or biological process in […]