When a Substance Is Oxidized It

When A Substance Is Oxidized It What happens when a substance is oxidized? When a substance is oxidized, it loses electrons. In chemical reactions, this requires that another substance take on those electrons and be reduced. Therefore, when a substance undergoes oxidation, it causes another substance to be reduced. When a substance is oxidized it […]

When a Substance Dissolves It Undergoes A

When A Substance Dissolves It Undergoes A To break apart and mix completely with another substance to form a solution. solution. A mixture that forms when one substance dissolves another. solute. What happens when a substance is dissolved? A solution is made when one substance called the solute “dissolves” into another substance called the solvent. […]

When a Substance Changes from One Phase to Another Which of the Following Events Occurs

When A Substance Changes From One Phase To Another Which Of The Following Events Occurs What phase change happens in the process of? The Solid, Liquid & Gas Phases of Matter In most substances, changes in temperature or pressure result in a substance phase change. There are several processes of phase changes, including fusion, solidification, […]