What Is a Bento Box

What Is A Bento Box? What is typically in a bento box? 1. What is a Bento Box? A bento is a single-portion boxed meal usually composed of a carb (usually rice or noodles), a protein (usually meat or fish), and an assortment of pickled or cooked vegetables. The world is derived from the Chinese […]

What Is a Bench Warrant

What Is A Bench Warrant? What does a bench warrant mean in Wisconsin? Bench warrants are typically issued when defendants fail to appear in court or fail to meet certain court orders. They may also be issued to subpoena a witness to court. Sometimes they can be issued for not serving jury duty when called. […]

What Is a Bell Siphon Used for

What Is A Bell Siphon Used For? A bell siphon is a device used to efficiently regulate the flow of water in a media based aquaponics system automatically without human intervention. The bell siphon maintains a minimum water level in the grow bed as it drains the excess water. How does the bell siphon in […]

What Is a Beer Mile Race

What Is A Beer Mile Race? A Beer Mile is a drinking game combining running and speed drinking. The event takes place on a 1/4 mile running course. The race begins at the starting line with the consumption of a standard 12oz beer, followed by a full lap around the course. What’s a good beer […]

What Is a Beef Pizzle

What Is A Beef Pizzle? Beef pizzle refers to the penis of a bull, and is widely used as a chew stick for dogs. Being rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, it is also believed to benefit human health in many ways. It is cooked with added flavors for human consumption or it is dried, […]

What Is a Bed Overlay

What Is A Bed Overlay? What is an overlay bed? An overlay is a layer of cushioning that can be added to the top of a mattress. Also called a mattress topper, bed top, or a pillowtop, an overlay enhances a mattress’s comfort level by providing any or all of the following: additional softness, pressure […]

What Is a Battery Backup Sump Pump

What Is A Battery Backup Sump Pump? Battery backup sump pumps are used to supplement primary pumps by giving you several hours of additional protection from water damage if your primary pump fails due to power outages, mechanical failure, or excessive use. Is a battery backup sump pump worth it? Battery-powered backup sump pumps have […]

What Is a Bath Sheet

What Is A Bath Sheet? A bath sheet has a larger surface area for drying off, so they’re more absorbent than bath towels. If you find that a single bath towel is not sufficient, bath sheets are a better option for you. They are perfect for wrapping around your body if you need or prefer […]